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Dr. Randall L. Valentine
B.S., 1966, University of Pittsburgh
D.M.D., 1970, University of Pittsburgh
Certificate in Periodontics, 1973, University Of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
Diplomate, 1982, American Board of Periodontology

Erie, PA

3408 State Street
Erie, PA 16508
(814) 454-5256
Warren, PA

2215 Market Street
Warren, PA 16365
(814) 723-3446
Ashtabula, OH

4430 Main Street
Ashtabula, OH 44004
(440) 992-1188
Our Professional Mission
"Providing comprehensive, patient-driven treatments which primarily create value for our patients through the continuous introduction of non-surgical therapies as a way of professional life. We are committed that surgical periodontal therapy should not be done until all non-surgical avenues have been exhausted."

Dental Implants:
"Providing Diagnostic, Consultative and Surgical Dental Implant Services where implant predictability and the patient's care and satisfaction are of paramount importance in the delivery of these services."

Enhanced and Super-Enhanced Non-Surgical GumTreatments

Dr. Valentine has created the concept of "Super-Enhanced Non-Surgical Root Planing" (reference: Dentistry Today: "Enhanced and Super-Enhanced Root Planing", July, 1994) where he supplemented existing antibiotic-enhanced non-surgical concepts. Enhanced and super-enhanced non-surgical periodontal therapy consists of root planing ( always done with a local anesthetic in order to get the best of results) which is enhanced with one or two antibiotics which are taken orally. Even though this is non-surgical therapy, the gums are detached from the teeth from the gum disease and in some cases the gums are "flabby". In these circumstances, Dr. Valentine popularized the concept of using small dissolvable sutures in order to obtain better and quicker healing which is also more cosmetically acceptable when severe problems exist in the front of the mouth.

Even in cases where some gum surgery will definitely be indicated, the use of "Enhanced and Super-Enhanced Root Planing" will :
A. Reduce the amount of surgery needed
B. Reduce the amount of pain that surgery will create
C. Reduce the amount of cosmetic change that excess surgery may create
D. Make sure that surgery will be done only when it is absolutely necessary.
Dr. Valentine has created Denisis: The Dental Specialists' Internet System as an internet communication system which provides you, the patient, the most comprehensive information about your periodontal or dental implant needs. Denisis affords you the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding the health of your mouth. Dr. Valentine has extended to periodontists throughout the country the opportunity to share in the dissemination of this internet information. Additionally, we are making available patient educational systems to the high-quality general dentists with whom we work.

The Denisis periodontal health and dental implant topics which are covered, with their corresponding referenced websites are:

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Dental Implants
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Gum Disease and Heart Disease
Gum Disease and Premature Births
Gum Disease and Diabetes
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Gum Disease and Smoking
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