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We always welcome new patients to our practice. While generally we see patients who have been referred to us, patients can call us directly if they have concerns regarding the health of their gums. If you are having "throbbing and pulsating" pain from a tooth, you should see a general dentist since this is usually a problem with a dead nerve in a tooth. We do not treat dead nerves and we would like to save you from wasting your time and financial resources on a gum disease exam when that is not the problem.

Bleeding Gums or Loose Teeth are gum problems that patients have which should be evaluated by a periodontist. Even if you have bad breath, this can be associated with gum disease (periodontitis). If would be appropriate for you to see a periodontist for these problems.

Dental Implants are a service that we provide for those patients who wear full or partial dentures. If you are unhappy with your full or partial denture, a periodontal/implant exam would be appropriate.

What we need for the Exam
We will need you to come in 15 minutes before you are to be seen in order to fill-out a medical health questionnaire. We will need x-rays of your mouth. If you are to be seen for a gum disease exam, we usually need a "full mouth set" of periapical x-rays which consist of 14 - 18 small x-ray films. Sometimes, a "panoramic" x-ray is adequate -- a "panoramic" x-ray is one large film that goes around your head when it is taken.

If you are to be seen for an implant exam, we will need a "panoramic" x-ray.
e-mail scheduling

An interactive relationship is necessary in order to schedule or make further inquires. Therefore, the next level of communications is to be via the telephone. Please call, we look forward to serving you!